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Money Adder software is a privately coded software to generate free money for premium users. It’s very secure and undetectable.

Our software works perfectly all around the world. Our software is up to date. It is totally safe and secure to use. 

You can download the software here.

You will need to buy the activation code and it’s not free. It’s not free because we want to keep the software private and only for premium users. You will make your money back directly after using the software. You can buy the activation code using cryptocurrency here.

We are accepting only cryptocurrency payments for anonymous transactions and safety. We recommend you to use a cryptocurrency wallet to store and hold your cryptocurrency. To buy the cryptocurrency we recommend you to use coinbase.

After you activate and use the software, your money will appear in your account instantly or up to 15 minutes.

For your total safety, we are using 30′ day’s money-back guarantee. Which means, if you are unhappy with the software,  we will refund your money instantly, thanks to our automatic systems.